Six and a Half.

 Birthday hats off to Erik & Tiffani, they threw the perfect party for Colton's 6.5! Colton is a Christmas day baby so they do this half birthday every year in June, so much better then it getting totally lost in the Christmas holiday madness.  Plus the weather rocks, gotta love that! 
They did lots of simple games that the kids really enjoyed.  This one was a 3 man intertwined relay, so fun!
 On your marks, get set...GO!
 Some teams did great, some totally fell apart.
 Norah just watched, she's dying to be a big kid.  If you ask her how old she is she says "I'm SIX!"
 Next they hung doughnuts from a tree, each kid had to eat theirs with no hands and without letting the doughnut fall to the ground. 

 What a great idea!

 So fun to watch!

 Even if you don't "win" you still get a doughnut!
 Great decorations too!
 Next Erik hid a bunch of toys, enough for each kid to have one.  If you found a toy you had the option of taking that one or leaving it and finding something better.  The kids loved this!
 Ava got a slinky.
 Cake time!  (With re-lighting candles of course!)
 Next the kids had a giant silly string armed game of tag.

 Expert party planner.
 The adults got in on it too.
 We gave Colton six and a half dollars.   : )
 Party chaos!
 More games?  Yes!  Erik broke out the water balloons and had the kids re-enact our yearly egg toss.
 I think we should try this for Easter some year, the grass was much less forgiving with balloons then eggs, might speed things up. : )
 Tiffani, expert party planner & newly famed half marathon runner!
 Check out this awesome gift, Colton's grandparents Scott & Vivienne made this book for him, isn't this the coolest, sweetest thing??
 It has all sorts of references to his life, like his street name, his teachers name and such.
 I love this.
Happy, happy birthday Colton!  
What a great party! 


guzzi guy said…
Very cool party. Happy 1/2 birthday to Colton!

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