Ready for a GOOD weekend!

 We've had a good solid FOREVER of sickness in this house, I'm totally over it!  Not over it as in well, just over being sick.  So here's to hoping we all wake up healthy & able to fully enjoy our weekend!
 Strangely this is the same outfit I vacuum in too...
 She's innocent, right?
 Bring the 80's back I guess : )
She's up to something I'm sure of it!!

Sadly we are missing a family beach trip this weekend but we are really excited for a date night Saturday and the girls and I are looking forward to spending Sunday celebrating the wonderful dads we've been blessed with!  

Have a great weekend! 

 Oh and as I was writing this at 10:26pm Thursday night, I just heard voices coming from the girl's room, I went and checked on them and Ava was all nicely tucked into her bed and Norah was sitting up against Ava's head with her arms wrapped around her asking for her to read her more books, more books, more books.  I guess we didn't wait long enough to put Ava in there...better go, I still hear them causing trouble...


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