Getting Ready for School.

 Ava's been struggling a little at the thought of switching schools, she is attached to her current teachers & friends and the familiarity of her preschool.  I know she will embrace & love her new school as soon as she gets there, but as it stands, she has 3 months of thinking about it and frankly, being a little sad.  

So when we heard that they were doing a carnival at her new school we figured this was the perfect opportunity to get her more comfortable and maybe even excited to go there. 
 Go bears!
 Our good friends Hailey & Jasmine met us there, along with their mom Valerie, who was also Ava's preschool teacher.  They aren't in this school district but they have a lot of friends there and Brian, their dad even DJ'ed the event.
 The girls were super excited to ride ponies!

 Poor Norah, we didn't let her ride and she kept saying "I want to ride the ponies!"  Sad face.  We are mean.
Petting Zoo!

 Norah ended up having to go home, she just wasn't loving the "your not old enough for any of this" crap.
 Wheel of prizes!

 Bouncy House!
 Dunk tank!
 Kids kept cheating & pushing the button!  Rude!
 It was hard to drag Ava away, she loved watching this!
All in all it was a total success.  My favorite part was when we walked by Ava's future class room, I lifted her up and let her look through the window.  Her teacher was inside and came & let her in.  She got to see the room again and most excitedly got to see the butterflies that just hatched in their butterfly kit, we happen to be waiting on our own set of chrysalises as we speak, so this was extra cool for her!

So cool that we got to do something fun at her school, I don't want her to spend the Summer stressing over whats to come in the fall, I think this really helped!