We sent away for these caterpillars, there were 5 of them.  At first I didn't think they were doing so well, but they grew & grew, shed a few layers of skin and eventually made their chrysalises. 
 It's a lot of waiting for kids, but so very cool!!
 Those little buggers were driving me nuts, we would see that they were close to emerging so we'd keep a very tight watch on them, yet we never actually got to see any come out of the cocoon, they were so sneaky.

  Finally the day came when they were all hatched and ready to be let free.

Both girls really loved it.  Ava is at the perfect age to totally appreciate the whole process, I think we will try it again for Norah when she is a little older.

Love it!  So cool!


Alaina said…
Very cool that they got to see all of that happen!