Preschool Graduation

Oh what a great weekend!  We spent lots of time prepping food Friday night since our next door neighbors were have a huge BBQ competition on Saturday and we were entering 3 dishes.  

Before the big BBQ we had preschool graduation for Ava, so cute!  Preschool graduation is one of those things that you're like "Seriously?  Is that a REAL thing? Give me a break!!" until it's YOUR kid and then you have to embrace it because 5 year olds are adorable when they try to do adult things like graduation ceremonies.
 She wore a fairy costume, are we surprised by this?
 Norah was happy to play, she loves Ava's school.
 Here they come!
 They stood up on stage and sang three songs, it was pretty cute.
 Then Ava received her diploma.

 Happy girl.

 With Jenna.
 She is my sunshine.
 The kids went around getting each others autographs. 
 Haily wanted Ava's phone number, that made me laugh since we hang out with her all the time, her mom has it.  : )
 It was really funny watching the kids try to write down their phone numbers for each other.  I wonder if any of them are accurate. : )
 Ava's wonderful teachers, hope we get so lucky next year!
On our way out to the car Norah discovered her shadow, it was really funny, she was actually in the middle of throwing a mini-fit over not wanting to leave the preschool when she looked down and saw it.  She spent the next few minutes (until I carried her away) making different poses and watching her shadow change.

Next we rushed home to get the BBQ festivities going.  It was a pretty big deal, around 60 people in and out through the day and the neighbors brewed all the beer for the party themselves!  They did new tasting releases each hour and had tasting sheets you could track your favorites.  
There was a prize for best beef, best chicken or fish, best pork and best side dish.  John made some delicious Asian ribs and I entered two side dishes, a Greek Quinoa salad & a Thai Coleslaw.  I was feeling pretty confident that I might win until I tasted some of the other dishes.  There were these AMAZING Jalapeno Honey Glazed Cornbread muffins that were to die for, they won, as well they should of!  

I ended up getting second place for the quinoa & tying for third place for the coleslaw.  Not bad!  I'll take it!
I even got a medal!   Although Norah is convinced it's hers.  That's ok, I think she & Ava deserve a medal more then me, theirs should of been given for Cutest Kids at the Party!  You should of seen them both hamming it up!  It was hilarious. 
 Such a fun idea to have everyone competing with their favorite dishes, it pretty much guarantees you good food!  Can't wait until next years BBQ, those neighbors sure know how to throw a party!

The Graduate & her super proud mommy!
What a fun Saturday!


guzzi guy said…
Congratulations to the graduate! The whole thing was really beautiful. I also love the idea of the neighbors competition.
aw, what an adorable graduate!

And the BBQ thing sounds, if only we lived closer!

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