Best Cat Ever.

That face.
What a great little sharer (for the very brief moment)!

Here's a little (super short) video of Norah saying the word "strawberries" which I think is hysterical. Sometimes she manages to make the word even longer...

 Trying to feed them to the cat.  Everyone knows cats love fruit, right?
 He's such a good sport! 

 Oreo doubles as a pillow.
 Hi Norah in the window!  Here's a similar shot, 1 year ago: 
 My baby!!  I just sold her (their) crib today, sniff, sniff.

 I'm sure he wanted you to set that ball on him.
 Hugs make it better, right?  Cats love hugs!
I think they are the exact same size.  : )

What a great cat!  Thank you Oreo for being so very tolerant of these children!!


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