The Sweetest Soup.

 Our little chef.
She's hard at work, making me some kind of soup.
 That apron on her kills me.  The jammies makes it even better.

 Oh this face.  Who could not eat her plastic soup???

 It's hot out but it looks like it's snowing, all this white fluff coming down from the sky, the girls love it.
 Poor little Ava baby has been sick with a cough & fever for the last few days.  Maybe she needs soup?  Anyhow, she fell asleep on the blanket laying in the yard.  I was so happy the shade made it's way over her sweet face so she could just lay there as long as she wanted.  Mostly she has just wanted to snuggle with me, I'll take it!
 Bless her little heart.
 Thankfully she's on the mend, already feeling much better.  Good thing too, it's way too nice outside to be sick! No time for that...


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