Friday, March 21, 2014

Checking in on past resolutions....

I just came across this list of my resolutions written in January of 2013, let's see where we are at with all this.

First up was to keep up with:

Hot Yoga.


Eating Healthy.

Check. Check. Check.

At that point I was 3 lbs from my goal weight, which was 125, I am 120 now. (Yay!)

Here are the things I wanted to work on:

Being stronger.  
I have to say I am way stronger now.  My focus has shifted to more weights and strength training.  I still have a long ways to go to get my problem areas happier but these things take time...

Gaining a healthier body image.
I think I am doing MUCH better in this area, still have a ways to go, but there has been definite progress.  I am learning to love myself more and forgive myself for my flaws more.  Self love is such an important thing!  Repairing an unhealthy body is one thing, rewiring an unhealthy brain is a whole other.  I am very grateful for this body, it is strong and capable and  responds well to me treating it well.

Being more patient (I've been doing so 
much better with this but it's a constant
I still have my moments but this has improved too.  My faith has done a complete overhaul in my life, it really has helped me be a more understanding, more forgiving, more accepting, happier person, which all increase patience immensely.

Drink more water.
I am drinking much more water.  And tea.  Well and coffee, at least it's black coffee, mostly.  And only very rarely wine or cocktails, which I still love, but they have their celebratory place.

Go on more date nights with John.
We have actually been on a lot more dates lately!  It's been great!  We even recently went on a whole weekend away together!  It seems like these come in waves, but we are for sure trying our best to nurture that part of our relationship.

Get more organized with my photos
(like get them into books).
I DID get them in books!!  What a huge relief!! Now I am just normal behind, not years and years!! YAY!!!

More de-cluttering.  It never ends, ever.
Oh yes, this needs to be re-addressed.  I've been eyeing that old 21 days of Organization list...

Be more on top of meal planning.
Nope.  I am failing miserably at this.  My desire to cook has decreased quite a bit, I still love it but it's tricky.  The little mini-senior citizens want to eat dinner at 5:01, I just want something healthy and simple, and I want to make John a nice meal.  None of these things really work great together.  If I'm doing yoga that night I can't eat for a few hours before I go, so that makes the whole process more complicated.  The kids are rarely eating what we are eating and even John and I aren't always eating the same thing.  I'm trying to phase us into a better system with this.

Get the kids to eat more of what we are eating.
Oh yes, that.  Wasn't I just saying how that wasn't working?  I do often try to give them some of what we have and several other veggies & healthy things they can eat with it, but the timing is off from when they want to eat, plus I love spicy things, them, not so much.

Create a cleaning schedule.
Nope.  I try to do a little each day, and that seems to be working.  I'm still hoping a maid will sweep through here one day and deep clean the place, but it looks pretty good to the common eye... : )

Do more crafty things with the kids.
No again, I suck at this.  When ever any of my friends want to do a craft project I am sure to invite myself over, this is not my strong suit.  Honestly I forget about it, the kids would love it if I took time for this.

Spend more time with family & friends.
I'm a little surprised this even made the list, I think we do a pretty good job of this.  I would like to make sure we have more BBQ's this year and more people over, our dinner parties have fallen off quite a bit.

Run more with other people.
Um, nope.  Very rarely does that seem to work out, sadly.

Try some new exercise classes.
Nope, I had the perfect opportunity, but still didn't do it, twice.  I think I have a fear of exercise classes, or trying new things, right at first.

Have more FUN!  (I'm already really good 
at this, I just want to keep that up too!)
Yes, still doing well in this area, I love our life!

So all in all, not too shabby, half good, half not so much.  Life is always a work in progress, it's nice to look back and check in to how you are doing with your goals.  I think I need to work on my next list, never really did that for 2014.

An added bonus of leading a healthier lifestyle is how it has affected the kiddos, they always talk about working out, eating healthy, getting exercise, and what is good for their bodies. It's pretty awesome!  Here are the girls doing sit-ups with me, Ava can do more than 20 and hold a plank for a whole minute!

 Today is the first day of our 10 day Spring Break, YAY!
Have a great weekend everyone!!