Monday, March 3, 2014

Hi there.

Here's a few pictures from our weekend:
 Tiffani & I did a 10k through the woods on Saturday!  I miss doing races, they are so fun!
 John and I got ANOTHER date night on Saturday!  Yay!!  Of course we hit up the Cruzroom, we love that place!  We also tried a new place, called The Station, it was really good too!  They had these green beans in hoisin sauce with pickled ginger that was to die for!  
 The girls went to see Frozen with "their Linda" while all that was going on.  That was Norah's first movie in a theater, Linda said she did great!  Yay!
 Norah's little dog, her favorite toy, has been missing for a few weeks.  I was beginning to think it was gone for good, I'd looked everywhere.  But thankfully, it has reappeared!  She's thrilled.  She's already lost it 10 times since yesterday, but such is life.  : )
We've all been practicing up on our basketball skills, the girls love that I moved the hoop in from the garage.  Good times!