Monday, March 10, 2014

Anniversary Weekend

John and I had a great time at the beach for the weekend, all by ourselves!  
Mom took the kiddos, thanks mom!!!  

We immediately hit up a happy hour after we dropped them off.  We tried a new place in McMinnville called 411 Lounge.  They are known for their Bloody Mary's, this one is a Thai Bloody Mary.  YUM!!  
 I'm not even a fan of Bloody Mary's but this one was delicious! 
 Next we headed to Lincoln City where we got settled in, then ran some errands, including picking up dinner at Jasmine Thai.  We have a tradition of getting their Pad Kee Mao extra spicy, then crying over how wonderfully delicious and crazy spicy it is.  At first you aren't sure if you can eat it, it's that spicy.  Then you can't stop eating it.  I can't explain it, but you've got to try it!  

We mostly stayed in that night playing cards and chatting, it was great!

We did run over to the casino briefly to check out the scene.  We made it there just in time to watch a woman win $527,000 on a slot machine.  It was pretty awesome.  I loved her reaction, "Can I swear?" she asked, lol.
They sectioned her off as she called every single person she knew, awesome!

The next morning I made us a nice little breakfast:

 Hers & His

We braved the rain for a nice 2 miles on the beach.

We hit up the outlet mall and did some shopping.  

And Saturday we drove down to Newport to have dinner with our good friends Matt & Rhi.  I'm really sad I forgot to take a picture of us all at the restaurant.  We've NEVER had dinner, just the four of us, with no kids.  It was really fun!

Sunday was fun too, we had breakfast at Wildflower, our favorite breakfast spot in LC, it never disappoints. We cleaned up the house and went on one last beach walk before we headed home to snuggle our girls, we missed them!!

What a perfect trip!  
Happy 8 years my love!!


guzzi guy said...

Congratulations! Here's to many more! Looks like fun!

Rhi said...

So glad we got to have dinner!!!