Thursday, March 13, 2014

Perfect weather made better with friends.

Today was one of those perfect Spring days (here's to hoping Winter is behind us...) where there was no other place to be than outside. 
 Norah and I dropped Ava off at school, then ran to the park (literally) to meet up with Asher & Audrey.  
 We went to Reedville Park, which is actually where we first met Lauren and her kids.  What a blessing, we just love them!!
 The kids had a great time in the sun, as did we.  

After I ran Norah home for a super quick nap we headed back to the school to grab Ava.  

Poor Malia's mom did not look well at all so we invited Malia along with us to play at the library.  

Our good friends Yafit & Sophia met us there to play, ironically THAT is where we first met them as well.
 The girls had fun posing for a picture for me, making silly faces was their favorite! 

 We also got a little dog fix in too, there were some guys filming roller blade tricks and they let the girls play endlessly with their little dog Mimi.  They all LOVED her.
Such a fun, sunny day!  Love our friends!! 


guzzi guy said...

Jeez... I thought those were their *normal* faces...