Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break

 So far we have really been enjoying our Spring Break! 
 We've been at the beach since Sunday and we've had lots of wonderful friends come join us.
 First round was Ashlie, Jack, Hannah & Ryan.  
 All day Norah had been begging to go camping, it was bugging me, why can't she just be content with the fun we were having??  Turns out, by "camping" she meant go make s'mores!  So funny!

 We had such a great time with the Elstads!!  The weather was crazy stormy, but that was just one more part of the fun!
Here's a little video of how crazy windy it was on the beach, it was awesome!!
 Next our friends Valerie, Jasmine & Haley all came to play.  
 Sister love!
 We kept getting little breaks in the weather which was so great since it was supposed to rain the entire week. 

 After our friends headed home I decided to take my kiddos out for a special night on the town.
 We drove down to Newport and had dinner with Matt, Rhi, Tyler & Seren, so fun!
 I love this shot of them having their little conversation.
 Forever friends!
 Little Seren
 We went to Cafe Mungo in Newport, it was awesome!  The food was healthy, fresh and delicious.  There was also a ton for the kids to do & see, including a band playing!  
 They loved the chalk walls!
 Love our little friends!!
More fun to be had tomorrow, such a wonderful Spring Break so far!!

The only thing missing is John, we can't wait to see him Saturday.  


Nain said...

Looks like an absolute blast!