Monday, March 17, 2014

Daddy's Birthday.

 We had a really fun day celebrating John's birthday.

When John was on the phone with Grandma Barby and Grandpa Bob they asked the kids how old John had turned, Norah said 4 and Ava guessed 61.  hahaha
Tiffani's phone takes great photos!  This is mid Cards Against Humanity, such a funny, yet so very WRONG game. 
We had Erik, Tiffani & Colton over for dinner.  We had turkey burgers with creamy feta & garic chili slaw along side roasted broccoli with a curry peanut sauce.  Yum!
The kids dinner was slightly less gourmet, cauliflower mac & cheese with peas, carrots and apples.  
 They all look pretty happy, that's what counts right?

 I love the way Norah is looking at John in this picture.

At one point the girls and I had been discussing what "we" had gotten John for his present.  John was in the garage at the time as I told them, stressing how it was a secret and we can't tell him.
 Norah jumps down from her bar stool, marches out to the garage and says "Dad, we got you a suitcase for your birthday, it is black and red."
 I had been holding the door open for her, not suspecting at all that she was going to say that, so I just let go of the door and let it slam, leaving the little deliberate secret-teller out in the garage, with her dad, that thought it was much funnier then I did...
Needless to say, he wasn't very surprised at his gift.
  I see no reason to pay for plane tickets for these kids ever again...

 They both love it in there!
What a fun day celebrating John!  We are all so blessed to have him, couldn't love or appreciate him more!! 

Happy Birthday Love!!