Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dress up.

We had a fun anniversary night with our littles, we took them out to Chevy's.  They don't really care where we go, they just love restaurants.  They are actually really well behaved in them too, which is the only reason we'd consider taking them out!
Our "official" celebrating will take place this weekend, John & I are going to the beach, all by ourselves!!  
We are super excited!! 
 Although we will miss these sweet little faces!!
 They are so cute with John right now, they both can't wait for him to be done working each day so he can play with them.  They beg him to hurry and be done, constantly plotting what they will play or do, it's adorable!
 Yesterday we had a little play date with Morgan.  It's been awhile since we've gotten together, the girls were thrilled!
 Of course Morgan & Ava dressed up, they always do.
 There was even several costume changes that took place.  Ava insisted this was not a wedding dress.  
She was queen of something or other.  

Just like always... : )


Unknown said...

Have a good time this weekend!!