Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A (not so typical) Day in the Life...

OK, I thought I might run through what I did today
so you could get an idea what a day in my life
looks like...

So rather then pick one where I sit around eating
Bon-Bons all day, I thought I would choose today,
where I was feeling pretty productive.  : )

I heard Norah calling for me around 7:40, I 
successfully ignored her, John got her up, changed
& situated on the couch "watching shows". 

8:15 she wandered into our room & informed me
it was time to get up.  : )

I snuggling her & procrastinating going
running which I told myself I was going to do, 
like it or not (I was NOT feeling it today).

I made the kids breakfast & headed out.

I left around 10am, ran 3 miles at a 10:15 pace while 
listening to THIS which I highly recommend you 
check out, it's a good one.  : )

I got home, fed the kids a little more, ate some 
breakfast then took a shower with Norah,
we are inseparable, just ask her.

I then looked over this list, something that's been
calling my name since I saw it online the other
It's from this blog, I love the idea.

Today I decided to jump in.  So of course 
I started with the medicine cabinets.  When I 
got done with the first one I cleaned under the 
bathroom sink & then finished off with the 
other bathroom, doing both areas there as well. 

At this point I had John run Ava to school so I 
wouldn't lose my momentum.  

I put Norah down for her nap & got distracted
by making myself lunch & John some soup for 
dinner, I already had a dinner plan to make a 
second meal out of the Chicken Fajitas I made
the night before but he mentioned he was getting 
some dental work done so I whipped up a 
Red Lentil Curry Soup thinking he would like 
something a little softer.

Then back to the project.  I moved on to the 
coat closet.  This should actually be called the
coat-gift-wrapping-center-game closet.  That
would be more accurate.  At this point Norah
had returned from her nap to "help" me.  If 
you want to call it that.

We went & picked up Ava from school, she 
had her friend Haley join her for a play date.

I made all the girls dinner & decided I could
get away with skipping #3 since 2 of the beds 
don't have anything really under them & the 
3rd is a non-issue, plus John was in his "office"
working so I thought all those things would
provide enough of an excuse to not address
the under-the-bed situation.

I then cleaned the "laundry room" which really
only means wipe down the washer & dryer 
that live out in the garage & organize the cupboard
up above.  Gross but pretty easy.  On a side note,
I can't believe how dirty something that's main 
function is to CLEAN things can get.  Wow.

Next I cleaned out my wallet, I don't really have
a handbag anymore.  Carrying a diaper bag killed
that whole notion for me.  Now I just use a wristlet
and I love it.  (I keep a bag of changes of clothes 
for the girls, diapers & wipes in the trunk of my 
car for emergencies) I tell you, less is more!!

Then next on the list is "under the sinks", I got
lucky here because for some reason I had 
decided to include that in "medicine cabinet" 
when I started, so the kitchen sink was the only
one I had left.  

I then decided I was done for the day but also 
decided I need to make cookies for Ava's teacher's
birthday and to go with some soup I am delivering
to a friend tomorrow.  

Cookies are always the death of me.

I can resist cooked cookies but cookie dough??
OMG, can't stop eating it!  I think I ate my 
weight in cookie dough.

While each of the 5 batches baked I decided I 
might as well clean the fridge out to prevent 
myself from just standing there eating (more)

It hadn't been that long since I cleaned the fridge
(which was disturbingly gross last time).  It still
managed to be pretty dirty but also not so bad.

Then the freezer, um I guess cleaning THAT 
hadn't occurred to me last time I cleaned the fridge,
weird.  It was GROSS.

OK, it was getting pretty late but I really wanted
to FINISH this last assignment, and there are a 
whole other set of fridge/freezer in the garage.

SCARY.  Pretty sure I haven't cleaned that one 
at all since we moved in over 7 years ago.  

Garage fridges are the worst.  

So I made it through the first 7 days of the 
challenge, all in 1 day!!

Tomorrow should be interesting, the next thing
on the list is "Kitchen Cabinets", I better get 
some sleep!  As it is the clock just struck 12:25.


But great day.  

I love me an organized home!! 

Maybe tomorrow I will take a day off & hit up 
those Bon-Bons.  I'm not looking forward to the 
kitchen cabinets tomorrow, and if I get to the 
"Garage" I can tell you right now, skipping that one.

So at least I have a plan.,...


guzzi guy said...

The garage sounds formidable. That would definitely have to be a "couples" event.