Monday, January 14, 2013

2013, let's do this!

When this year started out I was feeling
a little out of whack.  The holidays 
threw me off.  I didn't feel as focused as
I have come to expect myself to be.

Thankfully, as we've inched our way into
January, things are getting back to normal.

I'm feeling pretty good with where I'm
at these days.
I came into this new year with 34 (my lucky
number) pounds lost forever.

And as awesome as that is, it's the things 
around HOW I got there that I love even more
then the weight loss.  

It's a different way of living.  A pull towards 
health I've never really had.  A desire to 
exercise, to push myself to new goals and 

Every thing I eat is amazing & delicious.  It's
fresh & flavorful and good for you.

So resolutions?  

I resolve to keep up the good work.

Hot Yoga.


Eating Healthy.

I even ran 5 miles in the freezing 31
degree weather today!  

So when my husband asked me on our date 
night what it feels like to have all these people
acknowledge my hard work, honestly it feels 
normal.  It feels right.  

This is where I'm supposed to be.
Technically I have 3 pounds to go to reach
my goal weight, but really, I'm not worried 
about that.  This has never been about dieting,
just health.  

So this year will be about keeping it all up.
That's the exciting thing about changing the
way you live rather then dieting.  It couldn't
be easier, I'm addicted to health!  It's my new
normal.  Why would you want to live any 
other way???

Things I would like to work on?
(In no particular order)

Being stronger.  

Gaining a healthier body image.

Being more patient (I've been doing so 
much better with this but it's a constant

Drink more water.

Go on more date nights with John.

Get more organized with my photos
(like get them into books).

More de-cluttering.  It never ends, ever.

Be more on top of meal planning.

Get the kids to eat more of what we are eating.

Create a cleaning schedule.

Do more crafty things with the kids.

Spend more time with family & friends.

Run more with other people.

Try some new exercise classes.

Have more FUN!  (I'm already really good 
at this, I just want to keep that up too!)

Here's to a healthy happy 2013!!


Alaina said...

Go you!!! I think that's awesome how much you've lost. And I'm with you...drinking more water. I keep getting in trouble with that one with the dietician :-)

guzzi guy said...

You look great! Keep up the good work. I like that you are focused on *health*.

Rhi said...