Monday, September 23, 2013

Love fun weekends!

Another great weekend has come to pass.

Friday, although for a very sad occasion, I got to go spend some time with my friend Becca and her family.  I needed a little fun after that, and these girls didn't disappoint!  I spent the evening with my good friends Kahli & Alma, it was great!
Saturday, John and I were both super excited because Linda wanted to do a slumber party with Ava and Norah!  Which of course means date night for us!!  

How cool is that that she ASKS US to borrow our kids???  We feel so blessed and lucky to have such a wonderful auntie for our kids.  And Norah and Ava both were totally crazy excited to go and be there, they would never leave if it was up to them...
John and I went out to dinner at the Harborside which was perfect because we still had a gift card left over from many moons ago (Thanks Dad!!).  We had the most amazing dinner, John had the blackened chicken fettuccine and I had this wonderful salmon that was served sizzling over a bed of roasted veggies with a truffle mushroom sauce poured over the whole thing, it was SO GOOD.

Erik & Tiffani had called Friday night to ask if we would watch Colton for them on Saturday, which made me remember that we too had been invited to the same gathering they were planning on attending (I had forgotten all about it assuming we would be home with the kids) and so they called up Linda and got Colton added to the slumber party guest list!! The hottest kid party in town!! 


So we ended up meeting up with Erik & Tiffani for their neighbor Cody's birthday party, which consisted of bar hopping downtown on 21st street.  It was so nice to see E & T out and about and to enjoy the downtown scene together.  There is so much people watching and things happening, it's quite entertaining!
This morning (Sunday) I slept in!! And got to go for a run, shower, and have breakfast, all before heading over to pick up the kiddos.  They were of course in no hurry to leave, which was perfect since I really just wanted to sit and chat with Linda all day anyway.  She truly is one of my very top favorite people.  I'm so thankful for our relationship!  I'm so over the moon happy that my kids get to have her in their lives too, we are so very blessed!!!

Thank you Linda for all that you do and for just being wonderful YOU!!