Monday, September 2, 2013

Liberty Lake, Part 1

We always enjoy our time with Bob & Barby, but this time was extra fun, auntie Anne and her boyfriend Strohm joined us for the weekend too!  We had wonderful conversation, great food, fine wine, visited lots of fun places, played games and just plain enjoyed each others company.  It was perfect.

 Just relaxing.
 Reading with Grandma.
 Chasing Anne

 This is what their property looks down to, beautiful, perfect green grass everywhere.  The kids were in heaven.

 Mom & Dad
 Anne & Strohm 

 I got such a kick out of these two, witnessing new love is so fantastic.  They both radiated happiness, it was magical. 
 Love was in the air, and all over everyone.

 The kids ran and ran.  Yet never tired out.

 The first of a million sunset shots.  I was so in love with this view.

 I love the progression to darkness.
 Ava took this : )

 Norah teaching her dance moves.
 From this angle the flowers looked like palm trees ; )
 Ava dancing.
 Come play!
 More love.

Love this guy.  Thankful he comes from such a great family (that we both do!)
I have so many more to share, better save some more for the next few days.  

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend as much as we did. 

Feeling so blessed.   : )