Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cousin Love

 Little Alayah came for the day to play while her mommy & daddy packed up and moved, they are headed downtown so Chris can be closer to OHSU, where he attends medical school. 
 The girls had so much fun together, as they always do!
 I may or may not have had to have a talk with Ava about how some day she will value these photos of her childhood with Alayah, they will be special to her and she will be glad she has them, so SMILE DAMN IT. 

 Thankfully she agreed. : )

You never have to convince these two, they are both total hams! 
 They both loved taking Ava to school, Alayah was especially excited about this idea of going to school, when we got there she saw a big yellow school bus and ran to try to climb in it! : )
 Well hello there!
Alayah was pretty sure she didn't want to take a nap so I took her on a run with me and 3 seconds later, she was out!  

Love our little Alayah so much!!