Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3 Hours a Day...

I will be honest, I'm enjoying this whole school thing more than I ever saw coming.  It's actually been quite blissful.  Somehow I've convinced Norah that it's the perfect time for her to nap.  Which means it's the perfect time for me to exercise, do laundry, do dishes, eat lunch in peace, sunbathe (this week), read, paint my toenails, organize closets and just enjoy a little quiet time.  Love that.  

Although with it being 80 mid-week at the coast right now I'm a little missing the freedom to go enjoy that but I'm pretty happy with this new set up too!! 

Might as well embrace it, right??

Ava is over the moon about school still.  She was sad over the weekend that she had to wait so long to go back and super thrilled that she gets to go FIVE WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW!! this week.  I'm glad she loves it.  Surprisingly they haven't given her any homework yet, I'm assuming any day now it will hit.  She's less than excited about that, which I think is weird since I would think she would love that too.  We will see...

But for now?  Everyone's happy!  Yay!