Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Around here...

 Ava is a little under the weather but it hasn't stopped her from wanting to go to school.  I've just been having her rest all day then go & come home and rest some more.  She doesn't have a fever or anything so I guess that's what you are supposed to do.  Hopefully she will be back to her happy, healthy self shortly.

 Norah LOVES taking her to school.  We walk there every day and then sit and wait until the teacher comes and leads them into the class room.  Norah spends that time balancing on beams, running around, playing, jumping in and out of line, jumping down from the wall to the bench and just hamming it up all over the place.
 As cute as she is, I can see the look of relief in the teachers eyes that they don't quite have to deal with her yet, that that level of energy will be departing soon and coming home with me. 
 Ava just seems so grown up these days!!

 While she is at school I've been working on household projects.  Yesterday I did an overhaul on their room, getting rid of a lot more of their toys.  You may remember that I had taken out nearly all their toys and put them into 3 bins, with the intention of rotating them in, well now there is only one bin of toys and another bin of costumes.  The rotating thing didn't really work out but I have really liked simply reducing the toys in general, they just don't need so much stuff!  If it wasn't helping them learn or great for creative play it had to go. 
The other day I made & jarred 6 pints of salsa and today I was back at it, 5 quart jars and 2 pint size ones.  It's so much work!  It took me most of the day.
 So why, I ask you, does my counter still look like this right now???!!  

Guess what I will be doing tomorrow...