Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Liberty Lake, Part 2

Let's continue on with the photos from our wonderful trip to see John's parents.  

On Saturday we attended a concert, the symphony in the park, it was so fun!  Of course the wonderful music was a little lost on the kids, they much prefer playing at the playground and in the water, which just happened to be right there next to the concert!

 It was hot out, so this was great!!
 Here we are, perched on top of the hill, one side looking down on the stage, the other side looking down on the playground.  
 Ava mostly just played the whole time but Norah actually came back to dance.

 And ham it up!
 My loves.

 Love that face.

 And this one.
 We got to see the sun set over the park.
 Bob & Barby.

 Love this guy.

 Lots of somersaults.
  Norah reading.
 Oh dear me she is adorable. 
 Can't stop taking pictures of her.  (And they say you don't take as many of your second child...)

 Norah sandwich. 
 Cracking each other up, happiness.

 Love this couple.

 Standing (or flying) ovation.
Couldn't resist photos like these, we took a ton as the sun went down.  

Last batch tomorrow, promise. 

Such a fun time!!