Friday, September 6, 2013

Ava's First Day of School

 When talking about this day coming, Ava's first day of kindergarten, my mother in law actually said to me, "Take lots of pictures!"  hahahahahahaha  Has she met me???  None the less, that made me smile.  : )
 I prepped Ava for this part, I let her know that this day is a big deal to all of us and that I was going to need to take a lot of pictures, that I was going to need her total cooperation.  She seemed more than fine with this, it pleased her that I would be properly documenting a day that meant so very much to her. 
I put out an outfit that I thought she would love and when she saw it she was thrilled, "Mom that is exactly what I wanted to wear today!"
 I love that John took some time off of work to come with us to take Ava to school.  It's so sweet how I never have to ask him, he just shows up for her, when ever she needs him.  He's such a good daddy.
 It took Ava about 3 seconds to meet her first friend, Liliana. 
 They were adorable together.

 As you can see, they have a lot in common. 

Ava says "Today is my first day of kindergarten" and seemed surprised that that was a common theme among her new friends.  : )

 This stuff is way harder on the parents.  Love this sweet picture.
 Mrs. Reed is Ava's teacher, seems fitting since Ava is already an ace reader. 
 We quizzed Ava on what she did at school today, she gave us a little rundown.  She colored, discussed the weather for the day, stitched yarn, went to music class, had snack time, and got a short recess on the playground. 
 I asked her if she got to play with Liliana or the other friend Lily that she made before we left, she informed me that they sit at a different table so she could not speak to them.  Then I asked her about the kids at her table, had she talked to them, got to know them at all?  She says "Mom! This is school! You are not allowed to talk to each other."  So funny.  
You have to pick the kids up in the cafeteria and wait until the teacher releases each kid to their parent, they bump elbows and hand them off to whomever is picking them up.  I don't know if Mrs. Reed didn't see me right away but Ava ended up being one of the last kids dismissed.  She looked so old and alone and grown up sitting there.  It was weird not being able to just take her, having to wait.  It was symbolic to me, that they now own a piece of her that no longer just belongs to me.

 She loved every minute of her day.  She can't wait to go back and do it again tomorrow.  Our baby is growing up.  It's so sweet and wonderful and a touch sad at the same time.  

And even little Norah has already started in on begging to go to school too.  Ugh.  At least I have her all to myself for a few more years.  They can't take that away from me, yet.  : )

Although I'm pretty sure with the second one you are actually excited when they go to school, a little slice of freedom long forgotten.  ; )


guzzi guy said...

Exactly happy and sad. A tear fell.

celia lindor said...

Made me cry just a little....Ava is the ultimate kindergartner!! So happy and excited. Where does the time go ? Your commentary is sooo exactly how it feels. thanks for sharing Sarah you are so great at allowing us from afar be involved in your family!!! xoxo