Thursday, September 26, 2013

Around the house.

We've been having a busy week, we had 3 sets of visitors on Tuesday, first coffee with one of my favorite friends, Rachel.  Norah is so funny, she says "Oh Rachel is coming over!  Hers my friend!" So sweet.
 After that John & Judy stopped by to visit with the girls and give them some fun Halloween goodies.  They each got a little coffin that cackles a spooky laugh when you open it and an eye ball ring that changes colors, they adore both items.  They don't really know what a coffin is, Ava suggested it would make a good jewelry box.  Her latest plan is to fill it with candy and use it to hand out treats to the trick-or-treaters in a scary fashion on Halloween.
Next Ashlie & her kiddos came to play, so fun!!  Love that family!
Ava is fascinated with the star inside apples, now she always insists I cut them in half this way, pretty cool since I used to spend a lot more time cutting them up for her.  : )

I spent yesterday getting out all the 2T fall and winter clothes for little Norie.  She got a whole new wardrobe and the best part about it is that it's all nostalgic for me thinking back to when Ava wore all these clothes, love it!! 


Nain said...

I had to clean out Aubrey's clothes recently, too, and it just killed me. Would you believe she's in 3T already? Seriously?