Monday, September 16, 2013

Date Weekend! And a million pictures NOT of our kids...

 For my birthday (back in July) John promised to take me to hike Saddle Mountain followed by an overnight trip to Manzanita, our favorite little beach town.
 We've really been looking forward to this.  We both love having some fun thing planned on the horizon to look forward to, I guess it's time to figure out what the next one is... ; )

 The hike is 5.2 mile out and back, with a pretty steep incline.  I've done it before, forever ago and I remember struggling.   Not this time though!  It really makes me appreciate the hard work I've put into being in good shape, hiking it this time was totally cake.

 I love this shot!

 It was so cool to be up above the clouds.
 The people are tiny in this photo, but it was really cool how you could look up the mountain and see several sets of people zig-zagging up towards the top.

So pretty!
 We made it!!
 Up at the top we sat and had a picnic, we chatted with some fellow hikers and admired the view.  It was lovely.

 Coming back down.

 Here we are back at the car.  You can sort of get an idea how high up we went from this picture. (The elevation gain is 1,603 feet, the summit is at 3,283 feet)
 We were super excited to get to the beach once we were done! 
 The weather was iffy on the drive over but Manzanita never disappoints!  We got blue sunny skies after all.
 We went and grabbed a drink.

 And walked around.
 We had breakfast at this really cute place called Wanda's, it was so delicious!  That is a TV made to flicker like a fireplace, the whole place had a great funky vibe.

 I love this man.
 Cheers!!  To us!
 I know, so many pictures of us!! It must be weird not to see our kids in any of them!  Don't worry, back to regular scheduled programming tomorrow... : )

After our great breakfast we stopped by Cannon Beach before we headed back home.  We wandered the town and checked out lots of art galleries while we sipped coffee, it was great!

I just love spending quality time with the love of my life, it's magical.

Thank you Jessica for watching our babies!!  You are the best!!


guzzi guy said...

I think it's great that you guys get out on your own now and then and it's also great to see so many wonderful pictures of the two of you.