Perfect Weekend

 We had a really nice weekend.  
Perfect, really.
 So as I mentioned before, we shipped the kids off, 
Ava to Jessica's and Norah to Auntie Linda's house. 

We got the night off!  From BOTH kids!!  YAY!

And what do 2 happily married people do with all
this glorious kid-free time you ask??
 Well first we went out to dinner.  We went to Karam, it was 
so good!!  We had been there once before but I don't exactly
remember that very well.  (That's a whole different story) but 
this time was MUCH more enjoyable!  The food was fabulous 
and it's really affordable (plus we had a Groupon).  We could of 
easily shared John's dinner and been perfectly happy.
 Great dinner, check.  Then what?  
What exciting thing did we have planned next??

We went home.

Home, to NO KIDS and did something glorious!

We reorganized our house!

We moved furniture, cleaned, hung shelves, did laundry,
dishes, vacuumed, all while slamming doors, hammering
 nails and just plain being LOUD, because we could!!   
Such rebels...

You see, I have always dreamed of cleaning my house
 WITHOUT the kids being home.  They are like
 little tornadoes coming through the room behind me,
destructing all the cleaning I am doing.  
For every one thing I clean they mess up 3 other things.  

 It really was wonderful.  I love that I have a husband that 
doesn't mind doing this kind of thing on our big night off.
It made me super happy.
And as they say, 
Happy Wife, Happy Life

We also enjoyed the rest of the weekend, 
Saturday Norah came home at 1:00pm but napped
until 5, Ava came home shortly after that and we had 
a nice dinner with Auntie Jessica.

Sunday was filled with family fun too, we had a little 
welcome home get together for Scott & Vivienne 
over at Linda's house.  It was great.  We got to see
pictures of their trip to Peru and hear stories of their 
adventure.  It was really fun!!  

I was looking back and realizing I have run 36 of the 
last 38 days!!  Wow!  Go me.
I'm ready for a great week! 


Go you! I ran for the very first time on Saturday. It was tough but it felt good!

Kid free night? Love one of those! Of course, we'd go home and sleep :-) But that would be absolutely amazing...