Party Time

 We had a two birthday parties this weekend,
the first was Colton's Five & a Half year party.

He was born on Christmas day so this is the 
tradition, celebrating the half birthday instead.

I think it's brilliant.
 The kids had lots of fun with Silly String

 We were thrilled that Matt & Rhi got to come!
 Pinata Fun!

 We also got to hang out with Bayli all weekend, YAY!

 The birthday boy.
 Love them.
 And them.
 Oh and HER.
Could she be cuter??

Next party was Henry's, he turned 6.
 He had a pirate themed party at a glow in 
 It was really cool, also Ava's first time golfing.
 As you can imagine, she did really well, look at that 
form!  I think the club is backwards...  : )
  The place was decorated all scary, Halloween-like.
Ava loved it, Henry, not so much.

 Such a cute little birthday boy!  Love him.

The other cool thing that happened this weekend
was that I finally got to start teaching Bayli to drive...
It was SCARY but fun, we never stopped laughing.
I actually impressed myself with my patience.  

I think this might be good for both of us  : )

Great weekend!  Hope yours was good too!


guzzi guy said…
Wow! I recently had the glow-in-the-dark mini golf experience as well.