Another Day in Paradise

So as I was saying yesterday, Norah has lost her mind.
She keeps getting up on things, then dangerously
running and thinks it's so FUNNY.
 Here is Ava working on getting her down from the couch.
 And again with the table, several times today.
 Happily running across.
 Resulting in timeout...
 over and over.
She also kept pulling Ava's hair out and trying to bite 
her, not in a mean way, she actually thinks that is also
a big game & super funny.  It doesn't help that Ava 
won't stop laughing, I was trying to get her to pretend
 to cry but that wasn't really working.  

When all that isn't going on Norah insists I hold
her every second.  If I set her down her "baby 
alarm" goes off, which means she starts endlessly
 shrieking until I pick her back up.  Fun.

The key to keeping Norah out of trouble is getting 
her out of the house.  

I took her on a long walk this morning, just the two
of us and then Mom & I took both girls to the library 
so Ava could ride her bike and Norah cruised in the 
stroller while we got some exercise.   
Both those things made her happy and 
kept her out of trouble. 

It was such a pretty day today, the library is the 
perfect spot for a nice scenic walk.

 Baby ducks!
 So pretty!
 Norah was thrilled to get the chance to sit on 
Ava's bike while she wasn't looking.
 Ava was busy watching the ducks and didn't 
notice for the longest time.
 It's just the right balance of wanting what 
belongs to your sister and danger from being 
that high off the ground, Norah was in heaven.
 Don't worry, she had a spotter.
 Then the jig was up, Ava looked over and 
came to put a stop to all this fun.
I had to peel that girl off that bike.
It wasn't pretty.
 Just another mom, yelling at her kids : )
I love how the birds look like they are in the air, 
reflections are the best.

I heard somewhere it was National Running Day
so even though I already had gone fast-paced 
walking twice I finished the evening off with a 
3.6 mile run going a little faster then I usually go.

Not saying that I wasn't feeling sick most of the run 
and that my ankle isn't totally bugging me right now,
but I am proud that I went.  I just felt wrong not to 
go on "National Running Day"  I hope someone didn't
just make that up, oh well, what ever works, right?

All in all, it was a great day.  


Megan said…
Those ducks are adorable - and walks are cures for everything. Well, for a short while at least!
guzzi guy said…
Eventually, you and Norah can become running partners.
Alaina said…
I love that the mother duck is yelling her kids. Too funny!