Silly Ava

 Ava changes her wardrobe several times a day.
You can see her pondering what to wear next
as she sports one of her many tutus over her jammies,
 in her backpack, ready to go who knows where.
Today it's Minnie!

  I love seeing who she chooses to become.

It's so fun watching her personality change 
right along with her clothes.  Her imagination 
is WILD these days.  I love this age.  : )

Also the other day she said something pretty funny.
We were in the car with my mom and Norah kept
kicking Ava.  Ava was getting frustrated and my 
Mom was trying to help, she said 
"Now Norah, please stop kicking Ava!"  

Ava looks up at my Mom and says
"Grandma, you realize all she hears is "kick Ava" right?"


Megan said…
I obviously need to own more tutus. I feel terribly unfashionable.