Teaching Moments

So yesterday we went on a field trip to a barn,
generally they have a theme each month at 
the preschool and then try to do a field trip in 
relation to it.  I love that they do this, it's one of 
the big perks about having Ava enrolled in preschool,
even though she only goes once a week,
she is always invited to attend the field trips.
A super fun hay ride!

I was a little conflicted on going to this one.  
First off it costs quite a bit of money, especially 
if I don't lie about Norah's age.  Apparently they 
charge for the child coming to the farm, the adult 
accompanying them and the little baby sibling that
is getting nearly nothing out of the experience.  

I feel like if they want to charge for Norah 
they ought to watch her for me while I'm there 
so I can enjoy the whole ordeal : )
 The kids got to go inside a milking room
 This next shot shows a glimpse into the horror that
struck their faces when the farmer told them what they
do to the male cows...
But the cost was only one of the factors that I had 
issue with.  The real issue was that my mother, whom 
bends over backwards for us on a daily basis, asked 
me for a favor.  She needed me to take & pick her up
 from a sedation dentist appointment at the 
same time as the field trip.
 They got to go down this slide and through a
hay maze : )

 This is my constant view of Norah, if I'm not
holding her.  Makes me smile.  : )
The girls running through the hay.
I thought this may be a good teaching moment for Ava
to choose helping Grandma over going on her field trip.

Well she completely agreed that she wanted to help 
Grandma and that that was super important but I 
couldn't exactly convince her she should forgo her 
field trip that she was so excited about.
(Grandma REALLY didn't want her to miss it either)

 The kids also got a lesson on how bees make honey
Well we ended up coming up with a good solution 
where we could do both so everyone was happy.

When we arrived at the farm Ava was so thrilled to 
be there but then suddenly stopped and said
 "Wait?? What about Grandma??  
How are we going to help her and go do this??"  

She was really worried.  She looked ready to turn 
around and leave right then and there.  
I explained to her that we had figured out a way 
that she could come and enjoy her 
farm trip AND help Grandma.  She was relieved. 
I was ecstatic that she GOT IT.  Lesson learned
and she got to go with her class on their fun 
adventure.  I call that a win-win for sure.  
I love that girl.


Megan said…
That looks like an awesome field trip - I want to learn about milking!
Nain said…
What a sweetheart! I love that she wants to take care of her Grandma, and the looks on the kids' faces with learning what they do to male cows is priceless!
Anonymous said…
nice posting.. thanks for sharing..