Finding Happiness

It's the little things.

Simple bubble fun, makes her happy. 

I don't know what it was about this week but it has
been not so fun for me.  I feel depressed, which isn't like
me.  I am hoping to pull myself out of this funk and have 
a really good weekend.  Next week will be better!!!

Love these girls BUT I am happy to say that tonight, 
we get the night off.  It couldn't come at a better time.

Sometimes you just have to ask for what you need 
& I need a I little break.  

Jessica had already asked to take Ava, we had that 
set up weeks ago.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask 
Linda if she wouldn't mind taking Norah the same night,
that would open us up for a date night and hopefully 
a great night of sleep : )  

I hope they are both perfect angels for their little fan clubs.

I am so thankful that my family loves them so much and doesn't 
mind taking them every now and then.  I know they both 
really enjoy it too, fun for all!  Yay!


Sometimes taking the night off is just what you need! I know I could use one of those :-)