We haven't been to the beach in a million years
so even though we could only go for one night
we were super excited to go.  

I warned Ava that it was likely the weather would
not allow us to actually get down in the sand but
that we would of course still have so much fun.

But seriously?  Check this out:
 It was raining at home when we left!!  : )

I can't stand graffiti!  It makes me mad.  But for some
reason this totally cracked me up when I saw it today:
 I think this was little Norah's first time as a walker
getting down & dirty in the sand.  She LOVED IT.

 My Momma
Norah, taking it all in.
 Ava was so busy playing I had to threaten her
life to get a photo out of her.  She apparently doesn't
take me too seriously since this is the best smile I got.
 The girls, snuggled up in a hole, playing.

 D'Auna & Alayah, resting.
 We weren't prepared to be able to go in the sand at all,
Norah was freshly bathed and jammied up but it was just
too nice out to NOT let her play!  : )
 Chris dug a giant hole burrowing under a log. 
Ava crawled through it several times, it made me 
 claustrophobic just watching.

 Me & my Ava girl.
Norah found the whole experience so relaxing she
insisted on laying down in the sand.  

Oh well, there is always another bath around the corner...

It's so nice to have beach weather!  
Perfect day!!


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