I know I talk a lot of smack about my kids
and I know you know that I love them like crazy
no matter what not-so-nice things I say,
but I think I'm starting to realize that I don't give
them enough credit for how GOOD they are.
 When we're around some children 
(not your kids I swear!) 
it makes me think that mine are complete angels.  
They can do no wrong, or at least by comparison 
they are nearly perfect.   
For kids. 

I think Ava likes to be the "good one" just because
she doesn't necessarily get to be that at home, 
she loves that role.  I know that about her so I play 
off of that, trying to encourage her to be good all the time.

Norah likes being naughty, she thinks it's really funny,
but she is so darn cute that even when she is being
really naughty you can't think ill of her. 
 I'm pretty sure they make them that cute to keep you 
from killing them, just sayin.

Ava use to be able to get away with anything too,
naughty just doesn't look nearly as cute on a 4 year old. 

Oh but back to the being good bit.  I get so many 
compliments on my children's behavior and I notice 
it too.  They can be so sweet, loving, kind, hilarious
and just fun to be around in general.  I am really 
proud of the little people they have become.

They are confident, generous, adaptable, people loving, 
joyful little bundles of awesomeness. 

(Oh it's so tempting to add in the list that starts BUT...
here but that is NOT what this post is about damn it!)

So anyhow, this got me I too hard on
my kids?? 

Sure, definitely, at least some of the time.

But maybe me being hard on them is what made
them capable of being good children?   Maybe
if I was relaxed about their naughtiness and let a lot
of it go then they would be out of control all the time?

They still get that way, out of control, no way around that.
They are kids.  And that is a beautiful thing, something I don't
want to stifle out of them completely, just a little...  : )

So to sum things up, if your kids are bugging you, just
go hang around with kids that make yours look like angels.

Some days you should bring them over here and that will
do the trick...

It's kind of like watching an episode of Hoarders makes
you feel like you live in a clean, clutter free home.

It's all about perspective.

Right now my perspective is looking pretty good.

I love my well behaved, perfect children!!!
Now let's see how naughty they will be now that I went 
and jinxed them by writing THAT down...

*I wrote this Monday morning and by the end of the day
I was pretty sure the jinx theory was completely accurate.
(at least for Ava) That being said, let me change my story
and say they are awful, awful children!!  Lets hope that turns 
things around!!*