Oh no...

I'm in so much trouble.

This girl is super cute but...
 She just discovered the art of climbing on to the couch.
Something I have dreaded but knew was coming.  

She gets up there, gets a huge grin on her face and runs 
across, often crawling up on the arm or leaning her whole
body over the arm.  All the while shrieking with laughter.
 Today I walked into the living room after her sister,
the safety police, started yelling to me something was 
wrong and caught Norah just getting up on the glass
coffee table.  She jumped to her feet and RAN 
across with no regards at all for the edges or gravity or
anything, least of all me screaming at her.
I try to scold her and put her in time out. 

She thinks the whole thing is a game.  

She thinks she is freaking hilarious! 

I think I have a few more gray hairs.  

I wish I knew what to do to stop her.

Over and over these scenarios played out again 
and again today. 

I'm telling you, we are in trouble. 
Serious trouble.


Alaina said…
Oh no...especially with the glass table thing. Do they have guards you can put up so that's a little more difficult for her to get on the table? It may be worth just taking it down until she gets a little older. That's some scary stuff!