Just a few (million) Seattle pictures...

 This is the beautiful view out the back of John's
Sister's house.  Seriously?  Could it be more perfect?

 The kids had such a great time playing back there.
 Ava kept climbing this tree, her first experience
with such things and declared 
"I am a really good tree climber!!"

 Then she lost her footing and decided never to climb
any trees ever again, that lasted about 5 minutes before
she got right back up there.  : )
 Ava adored playing with Caiden, I've got a ton of great 
pictures of them together that I will put up tomorrow.
 Tommy : )
 The Graduate, Kole holding Norah : )
 Ava managed to get all the teenagers to fall in love 
her and play with her non-stop = heaven.
 We love Bob!! 
Could Caiden be cuter??

 We have nearly this same exact photo taken here
when Ava was about this age.
 As you can imagine, a beautiful backyard like this
filled with every water toy under the sun (literally)
draws every single teenager for miles.  This is the 
official hang out.  Can't blame them one bit.
 Karli & Caiden, so sweet!
 Kole loves Norah : )
 We were so happy to see Grandma Barbie & 
Grandpa Bob!!
 Love both these women.  I really lucked out in the 
Sister-in-Law department!!!

 So much fun on the boat!

 Although our driver doesn't look too confident...

What a great trip, more tomorrow!


guzzi guy said…
They called her a baby driver...
Man, you go to some pretty cool places! As always, love the pictures! And who wouldn't fall in love with those two cuties?