Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fun Day!

We had a really fun day yesterday.  We got up early-ish and went over to play with Asher & Audrey.  It was really fun seeing where they live. 
 We had planned on walking over to the park, it turned out that they basically had a park and then some in their backyard!  So fun!  The girls both loved riding on their little train.

Ava even got to ride in and drive a Barbie car, as did Norah, they were both thrilled!

After school we had a lovely time meeting up with Madeline and her two kiddos at the pumpkin patch, I'm still editing those photos, but they will be up soon.  : ) 
 Ava is so sweet, helping Norah ride her bike.  She is the very best sister.
This evening Ava informed me that our family room is 4 Norah's long, they are so sweet the way they work together to figure this important stuff out!  I wonder how many Ava's it is, or Oreo's for that matter....


Nain said...

Ha, I love her system for measurement! Hilarious!