Monday, October 28, 2013

Costume Fun!

We got invited to a little Halloween thing Chris & D'Auna's church put on Saturday.  It was called Trunk or Treat, they filled a parking lot full of cars with their trunks open & decorated for the kids to trick-or-treat to.  So fun!
 Here's our cute little witch & peacock.

 Love these guys at pirates!  
It was funny at some point in the evening I saw Alayah crying and I told D'Auna, "some woman is holding Alayah, she is crying." D'Auna looks over and says "That's Chris" hahahaha
 Colton, the ninja!

 Our little peacock wasn't sure about this scene right away.  She was in a mood.  Until people started giving her candy...
 The fortune teller.

 Walking the plank through shark infested waters.
 A trunk full of candy, yay!

 Happy little candy collector!
 Alayah and Norah ran around together all night, back and forth, having a great time.  They even got most of the kids involved in their game, it was a hit!
 This family is SUPER.  LOVE their costumes!!
 Love these kids.
Thank you so much Chris & D'Auna for the invite!  We had a great time!
 Our wonderful neighbors called me when we got home and asked if they could come over and have us take a few pictures of them before they headed out to a costume contest.  I was thrilled of course, not only do we get to see them in costume but photos??  You know I love that!! 

 How cute are they??!?  

I love Halloween!!  Why don't I ever dress up?  I need to start, maybe next year.  : )


Alaina said...

I love both girls' costumes but I'm in love with the peacock one. Too cute!