Monday, October 21, 2013

And then there wasn't two...

Ava lost her second tooth towards the end of last week.  She didn't yank this one out, she let it hang there for days.  When she woke up it was gone.  After a quick search of her bed she was able to locate the tooth, much to her relief.  
 This was her right when she woke up, super excited.
 Then off to school, couldn't wait to tell EVERYONE.
 And then the next morning, super stoked about her glittery-triple-toned dollar bill!
 Ava says that she has "the very nicest tooth fairy".  

Oh and Norah has come to hide various objects under things through out our house, you know "for the tooth fairy to find."  Thanks Norah.  : )


Nain said...

Ha, that is too cute. Love that green sweater btw!

guzzi guy said...

Growing up *so* fast...