Friday, October 18, 2013

Crazy for Fall & Family.

We met up with Mom & Linda at Dawson Creek Park after Ava got out of school.  It's one of my favorite places throughout the year, but Fall is the best.
 Ava gets to ride her bike, we get to walk fast, with Norah in the stroller. 
 It didn't exactly work out like that, but it was fun none the less.

 Norah wanted to walk.  Or run.

 We had a few joiners too, Mom brought Lacy, Deedee's daughter and her two kids along, so fun!

 This is Keira.
And this is her little sister Bailey. 
 Strollers for everyone, no one wanted a ride : )

 These two are the best.
 Keira having a talk with our big kid.
 Linda took the girls into the library for some reading, she was the hardest one to get to come back out, she found a comfy spot. : )

 This place is just stunning in the Fall!

 Love it here.

 Linda let Norah give Ava's bike a try, never mind that she can't reach the pedals.
 Breathtaking, aaaaah.  I simply can't imagine living anywhere else.

We finished up our fun day with a trip to Panera Bread, it was delicious.  The girls LOVE to go out to eat (who doesn't, right?), so this was a very special treat! 

What a lovely day.