Friday, October 4, 2013

First tooth down. Many more to come...

I few days ago Ava announced "Mom!!! I have a wiggly tooth!!!" Maybe that should of been in all caps, because she was THAT EXCITED.  Her excitement has only grown since that moment, that moment when I doubted her and tried to wiggle it myself, and I still wasn't convinced. 

It was barely loose, and I'm not a big fan of kids growing up too soon so I told her NO.  No losing teeth yet. 

But she persisted.  

This afternoon when I dropped her off at school she was obsessively playing with the tooth with her tongue.  It still didn't seem very loose.  I told her to be patient, it could take a week before it would fall out.  

Well by the time I picked her up from school, 3 hours later, that tooth was not at all in the same spot.  I wasn't sure she was going to make it until the next day.
Sure enough, while I was at yoga, John sends me this picture.  The girl decided that tooth had to go, so she yanked it out.  And her little one-less-tooth smile is now just overflowing with pride. 

I adore this child.