Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beach Love!

Here are the beach photos from our lovely, relaxing beach trip.  I so love that Bayli got to come, and also that we got to spend some real quality time with Lauren and her sweet family.  These people are each such a blessing to me.

 Love, love, love this one of Bay.
 I don't know these people but I just thought it was so sweet that they brought their walker & chair down to sit together and watch the ocean.  <3 br="">
 Lauren & Andy.
 They are pretty sweet too.
 Little Audrey.
 Andy shares my love of photography. : )
 Sandy feet.

 Bayli is so good with my girls, they adore her.

 Ava & Asher

I feel so very grateful to have these wonderful people in my life, as well as the opportunity to really enjoy their company.  Thank you again mom for always being so generous with sharing your beautiful home!