Thursday, October 3, 2013

City Life

 As I mentioned earlier, Chris & D'Auna moved to an apartment downtown, to be closer to OHSU, Chris' medical school. 

 They now live in a high rise downtown!!  
I don't know about you, but I find this VERY EXCITING!! 
 Look at sweet little Alayah's room!  So cute!  Her little bed is off to the left and she has a big walk in closet too!  (You can even fit a crib in there, can I get an amen??!)  I love how they kept the playhouse and incorporated it into her space, it even has a little green shag rug that is sort of like grass.  Do you see that beautiful view out her window?  So cool!!
 In fact every window had so much to see of our beautiful city.

 I swear D'Auna should be an interior designer.  She has such great style and artistic vision, she even recovered all the furniture in this room!!  It's beautiful.
 Oh Alayah, so cute!!

 This is a roof area below them that has gardens everywhere and a 24hour gym!  I so want to live here now! 
 Ava squeezed into one of Alayah's size 2 dresses and turned into a fairy princess.
 She looks like she wishes she could use her powers to make Norah give her a turn on grandma's lap.
 You can see Chris' hospital up in the hills there, right out the window. Alayah points up there and says "Daddy is at school."
 Such the city girl, that didn't take long.
Little girl, big city.
 Here are the kiddos ready to ride the aerial tram up to the hospital.  I've always wanted to take them, this was the perfect opportunity.  The tram is 2 blocks from Chris & D'Auna's new place, perfect!
 Norah could hardly contain her excitement!!

 It's here!!

 Can you see happy little Ava's face reflecting in the glass?  I love her wings.  What's a fairy princess without wings??? 
 Here's the view back down from the top, that's their apartment on the right, so cool!!
 The gang, ready to take over the place.   This hospital is HUGE, like a little city of it's own.
 Here is one of the our door areas looking over the city.  Beautiful.
 I love this girl.
 Warm, cozy fire.
 We even got a quick visit with Chris!!
 Time to RUN!!
 It was not at all lost on me that we are so very fortunate to be making this visit up here for FUN rather than for our children having cancer, which is what so many families have to deal with.  I know that they would give anything to be up here, enjoying themselves, with the lightness we have in our hearts.  My good friend Ashlie is up here all the time with her son Jack, walking these same halls, doing her best to make torturous treatments have some slice of fun or normalcy.  I pray for all the babies, and the parents with hearts filled with a mix of heart break and hope.

 We had the very best time visiting with cousin Alayah and auntie D'Auna.  We couldn't be happier for them and their new digs.  Can't wait to visit again soon!! 


guzzi guy said...

Such a beautiful sentiment about the other families that are there for other reasons.