Friday, May 24, 2013

Sisterly Love to the Test

We had a busy, productive Thursday.  

The girls had a fun morning playing together & I did some packing.  I took Ava to school and came home hoping John would be gone for awhile as I intended on surprising him with moving his office into Norah's bedroom.  We've been wanting the girls to share a room for quite some time and even though they are happy with the current arrangement of separate bedrooms, John really needs to have a REAL office.  (Even if by "real" I mean sharing it with the guest room & all my clothes and most of Norah's clothes, but you know what I mean!)  I really hope this helps make John's life a little easier, he deserves it.  Love that guy.
 Don't forget to pack Yo-Ro (that's what Norah calls him)!
So that's done, or somewhat done.  We still need to build the second bunk onto Ava's bed and get rid of the crib, but for now at least the office is nice & functional and Norah is sleeping in her portable crib in Ava's room.  They were both pretty excited about this turn of events.

It will be interesting to see how this effects their relationship.  They get along pretty well but have little "fights" through out the day over stuff.  When ever Ava sees Norah happily playing with something she tries to talk her into giving it to her.  If Norah sees that Ava has set something down she finds intriguing she picks it up and RUNS.  This never goes over well with Ava.  She's usually in tears in 2.3 seconds. 

So we will see how loving they remain towards each other with a little added closeness.  I think it's going to be great!  (Until it's

The girls had the cutest conversation today, Ava was all excited to teach Norah her letters, they sat down together & practiced with flash cards.  Norah is pretty good at this, she is at about 60% accuracy with her letters.  Ava decided she wanted to challenge her a little more and started making word flash cards.  Since Norah is no where near able to read I suggested to Ava that this idea might be a little advanced for Norah, Ava says "I realize that,
but I just know in my heart she can do it!"  

How sweet is that???

Love these girls!
 Oh and I went running, in the pouring rain!  I ran a little over 4 miles and I really enjoyed it.  It's funny how for several days I've just been staring out the window, sad that it was raining, and not wanting to go out there and when you actually just go for it you remember that you love it, wet shoes and all!  

Now for the time factor...busy weekend up ahead, hope I can make some time to squeeze in a few runs. 

Happy long weekend to you!!  
Enjoy it!