Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dawson Creek

I uploaded these on to the blog via my phone & it 
looks like the quality went WAY down in translation,
but this is where we are at, so...

I took the girls for a little I-run, Ava-rides-her-bike adventure at Dawson Creek.  Fortunately I let go of the idea of getting any real exercise early on.  They were far too distracted with the beauty of the place, the ducks to feed, and the geese to chase.  But that's ok, I like to let them live it up a little.
Ava was really excited to try out her new bike lock, I bought it for her so in the fall she can ride her bike to school.  It has a word combination which they say is supposed to be easier for kids to remember then numbers.  I didn't realize until we got it home that it comes with it's own word and you can't change it.  Her word is LILT.  What?  Do I even know this word???  How is she supposed to "easily" remember that?  Oh well, now you know, please don't steal her bike : )
Speaking of stealing her bike...Norah!!

This nice guy gave each of the girls some bread to feed the ducks which is lucky since their mom NEVER remembers to bring any.  When he handed it to Norah she looked at me all happy and says "Mom, I got a sandwich!"

She barely stayed in this thing at all.  I think only when I bribed her with a snack so we could catch up with Ava who wants to ride her bike super fast.
We decided this was the "Oreo Duck", like our cat at home.
So Pretty.

This is my fav.

Fun day!