Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Seattle Trip, Part 2

 Just as John really enjoyed racing cars, I had a great time climbing rock walls. We are such good turn-takers, this time he hung out & entertained the kids.   I had never tried rock climbing before, it was so fun & such a great work out.  Just as everyone predicted, my arms are killing me now : )

 Watching & wishing she could climb too.

 Celia did so great top roping!
 She makes 50 look so good!!
Love this!

Since being home I've looked up several places here, I seriously can't wait to do it again!

Afterwards, we took the girls to a nearby park to play.

 Right before we got back to the house Norie B fell asleep.  I woke her up and she totally rallied, such a trooper.  She made it the whole trip with no naps.  We had too many fun things going on to make time for sleeping!  I just hope the "three days makes a pattern" rule does not apply here...

Back at the house we headed down to the lake for some fun.
 Ava begged to go get her swimsuit, didn't end up being necessary, I just let her jump in, clothes and all.

 Their house is so beautiful.  I posted this picture to Instagram, title: Living here wouldn't suck.  

  Next I decided to try paddle boarding.  It was really fun!  
 I totally knew better then to take my phone out on that board so I left it on the shore.  After paddling around for awhile I was so completely confident that I was not going to fall in that I paddled back to the dock, had Ava shoot a picture of me & then hand me my phone.
 Next I posted this picture to facebook.  Yay me!  Paddle boarding for the first time!

So during that little social media break the board had floated in to the shore, between the two docks.  I set my phone down on my sweatshirt (which you can see by my feet in the above photo) and started to paddle backwards to edge my way out from the shore.  Next thing I knew my board bumped against the dock, totally knocking me off balance and IN I WENT.  

And here's me soaking wet standing on the dock.  The water actually felt pretty good and the very best news was that my phone was still sitting right on top of my sweatshirt!!  I got SO LUCKY!!  

That was truly the highlight of my day, it was just too funny!
Here's Erik jumping in, $10 was the perfect motivation to retrieve the fin that had sunk to the bottom.
 Ava was so funny & brave!  She jumped right in that water, realized it was cold and swam out, looking a little tricked.  Then immediately went right back in & tried her hand at paddle boarding.  She did great!  She even laid on her tummy & paddled the board waaayyyy out into the water, we were starting to wonder how we were going to get her back!

 Tommy, living the good life.
 Uncle Karl giving Ava a fast ride around the lake.
 We had another great dinner, then ended the evening with a nice fire down by the lake. 
It was the perfect end to a perfect day.
 Ava loved the smores but the best part was cuddling up with Grandma Bonnie by the fire.  She held her for hours & Ava ended up falling asleep in her lap.  They were best friends by the end of the night and Ava asked her to please come back the next day for a visit.  (She is Karl's mom, so Ava's cousin's grandma)  It is always so special to me when I come across women named Bonnie being as it was my very favorite persons name, my grandmother.  To have Ava make such a connection with her makes me feel like a little piece of MY Bonnie was there that night.  Love that.

So many special memories with our wonderful family.  I just love these trips so much!  There is of course more photos, I haven't even got to the "real" camera yet...Maybe tomorrow.  : )