Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seattle Trip, part 1.

 Such a great weekend.  We actually started it off at the doctors office bright and early Friday morning.  The girls were as cute as can be, it was the first time they had Ava wear a gown, she didn't know how to feel about that.
   Next we hit up Target.  We are all about the safety around here, clearly!
 After all that fun stuff we had a lovely visit from my Mom, who has been out of town the last 3 weeks & Linda.  It was fun to play with them both before we ventured out on our long drive to Seattle.  

This trip was extra special, not only was it a long weekend but we were all celebrating John's sister Celia's birthday!  We had a very nice dinner with John's family, it was really great to see all of them & catch up.  

In the morning the girls danced, as they do.  Love that.

I treasure their silly adorableness.
 Saturday we went Go Kart racing, which everyone loved!  I didn't drive since I had the littles to watch but we were still really entertained. 

We got to play pool with grandma!

We had fun taking pictures on the winners platform, although this was pre-race.

 Karl & John were neck & neck the whole time & both really competitive, it was fun watching them duke it out for first place! 
 Daddy wins!  Yay!
 We celebrated with a little Jamba, got to love that.

 Ava adores Auntie C!
 How much are those doggies in the window??
 John with his parents, love them so much.

Next we went over to Anne's house for dinner, which was really nice too.
 Norah made herself right at home by laying under the table, oh how fun to be two!
 We went on a nice walk around Anne's beautiful neighborhood, so fun!

We love our Seattle trips, and this was no exception.  Many more photos to come...

Hope everyone had a great weekend too!  


guzzi guy said...

I love the picture of John, Bob and Barbara!