Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Monday!

 We had a nice weekend.  Although sadly John had to work for the majority of it.

Here are just a few random pictures since I don't feel like getting them off my phone and it would seem that is my camera of choice these days.  : )
 The other night, like most, the girls begged for food right before bed.  I decided to let them have a little treat and made them popcorn.  You would of thought I offered them a giant bowl of ice cream as excited as they got over this little idea.  They jumped up and down, sang songs about popcorn, told me I was the best mom ever...

 I can't see you.

 They are cats.  Or dogs, I can't remember and it's always changing.
 This is a picture of me, sitting on the floor, with both of them fighting over lap space, this is exactly how I feel 99% of the time.  But I love it, mostly...
 I love this picture because it reminds me of the one I took a million years ago when Norah was like 8 months old and Ava's holding the view finder up to her eyes.  Not that she could at all figure it out, but it was the sweetest sentiment. 

 In fact, I just dug up the picture, so you can see for yourself!
Love these girls!
Happy Monday!!


Alaina said...

They still make view finders? How awesome is that :-) And popcorn? Heck yes you're a cool Mom!