Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  Ours was really great.  

I spent some quality time with my girls Friday, we ran some errands, then hit up Cold Stone for some tasty treats.

 Of course Ava picked the bluest flavor they have, makes sense, she KNOWS I hate blue things.  Why are kids drawn to gross fake blue treats??  I just don't get it. : )
 Just in case the ice cream wasn't enough of a treat we went to Trader Joe's next, where they found the monkey (TJ's hides a stuffed animal monkey in a new spot each day to make grocery shopping a little more fun for kids, they also have mini shopping carts so my kids LOVE going there) & got a sucker as their reward.

 Next we headed to the beach for a little family fun.
Mike joined us too!
 And my favorite, Bayli!!  How fitting that I got to spend Mother's Day with her, she fills my heart up in all the best ways.  She's pretty much my first daughter and I value any time I can spend with her.
 And my sister, Jessica means so much to all of us, having her there for the weekend is always a treat!
 You may not of known this about me but I'm quite the artist.
 Norie B, just being silly.

 Auntie is FUN!!
 We made her a bracelet, reminds me of my childhood. 
 Oh Starbucks.  They really sucked me in with this half priced happy hour gig they did all week.  I ended up trying a new frappuccino, the Java Chip Light, it may have ruined me forever, I can't stop thinking about it.  I even went back today and got another one, not at happy hour.  Uh-oh.
 Ava found a ladybug, a frog & a worm!  Sadly the frog hopped away.  And no ladybug lasts long in her presence.  Come to think of it I'm not sure the worm fared well either.  In retrospect I'm feeling pretty happy for that frog...
 I LOVE my sister.
 Beach walk

Speaking of exercising on the beach, I ran 8 miles on Saturday down there!  I had been dreading it.  The sand, the distance, the hills through town, I just was not looking forward to it at all.  But it was a really great run.  I felt good & strong the whole way through and like I could of easily kept going when I hit the 8 mile mark.  Now I wish I could return next weekend for my 9 miler! : )
 We all went out to a Mother's Day dinner on Saturday night, it was really fun!
Love that we all got to spend this special weekend together.  The only thing that would of made it better would of been to share it with my mom.  But she's off being a world traveler, what can you do?

Happy Mother's day, to all the mom's out there!
Best job in the world, I seriously couldn't feel more blessed!!


viewfromdownhere said...

Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Seems like I'm not the only one with the chocolate craving :-) And I totally didn't know that about Trader Joes. Might have to try looking for that next time!