Fun in the Snow

We had a great day of skiing yesterday. It was my first time up this year & it went really well. I was nervous, I sort of felt like I survived last year & maybe I should just call it good (obviously I'm not much of a skier), but I'm glad I went, it was really fun.

Norah had her first daycare experience, I was not sure she would be into it but she seemed super excited & didn't mind at all when we left, she smiled the biggest smile and waved goodbye to us, looking pleased as punch that she got to finally be the one dropped off with friends, as she always sees Ava enjoy. She ended up having so much fun that the whole way home she kept yelling "more play place!"
It was really funny! It was pretty great to be free to ski but still know she was happy & close by.

I've been doing this March running challenge where you try to run everyday in March, as you will see below, it was MUCH more challenging yesterday, the snow was deep, it was super windy & ice was pelting on my face the whole time. But I did it anyway!

We are headed home today, after we ski, as much fun as we are having, I won't miss running in the snow...


Alaina said…
Running every day? Holy cow! I'm not sure my legs could take it!

I'm doing 9 miles this weekend in training for the mini. Just praying the legs don't give out on me :-)

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