Weekend Fun

 Friday we had a nice little play date with
Miss Alayah.  The sun was peaking out so
we had lunch outside and pretended like it 
was Summer. 
 What's Summer without some water fun?
Or maybe I should ask what's water fun
without Summer?  The answer to that
is COLD.
 Norah had the best time getting wet, 
she was soaked from head to toe!
 Her teeth were chattering she was so cold
but she didn't care.  I did convince her to 
come in and change clothes and those new
warm clothes lasted about 5 minutes before
she was completely soaked again!

 She's so cute!!!
 Izzy joined us for some puppy fun too.
She loved exploring the yard, getting 
chased around by the kids and hiding on 
my lap for some safe snuggles.   : )

 Sharing is a work in progress but 
these two LOVE each other so much!
 Love this one.
So fun having Alayah come to play!

We also had a fun rest of the weekend as we
celebrated John's birthday on Saturday.  He 
spent the day going out to eat & shopping by
himself, getting a little well deserved break,
followed by a nice Pad Thai dinner & cards
with Erik & Tiffani in the evening.  It was 

Tiffani & I went running on Sunday together
and took the kids to play at Out of This World
while John fixed his car over at Erik's house.

Great weekend!  Looking forward to a fun 
week!  The girls & I are running off to go 
play with Aunt Linda & my Mom on Tuesday,
should be super fun!!   : )


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